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Postpartum Return To Exercise

As a physical therapist, one of my favorite parts of pregnancy was sharing my journey on my instagram page-how I modified workouts to stay active during pregnancy, ways to modify other workouts or programs, with the goal of staying moving. Pregnancy and postpartum fitness is an arena that is very underserved. There is not a lot of GOOD information out there for pregnant women or new moms. What we are faced with instead is "just do what you did before" during pregnancy, an "all clear" at 6 weeks postpartum from most medical providers with no insight as to what that means, followed by an onslaught of programs pushing women to get their "pre-baby body back" or "get rid of mommy tummy". While I am excited to get back to the things I was doing before, I can absolutely see how a new, vulnerable mom can be targeted by marketing programs with a focus on our insecurities, rather than on the AMAZING thing we just did with these incredibly resilient bodies.

As I dive in to my postpartum return to exercise journey if you will, I wanted to start this blog and link it to my instagram, to hopefully serve as a resource to other postpartum women who just don't know where to start. Stay tuned for updates on research regarding return to exercise, as well as examples of exercises to get started!

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