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Meet the team!

Dr. Rachel Moore PT, DPT, CF-L1, cert-CMFA

Dr. Rachel Moore graduated with her doctorate in physical therapy in 2017 from The University of North Texas Health Science Center and found her way back to her hometown city of Houston, TX. She created Disrupt Physiotherapy after working in traditional clinics, feeling the stress and strain of productivity numbers and insurance companies dictating care. She created Disrupt as a haven for patients to receive the best quality care, with providers who are truly invested in the success of their clients. When Rachel became pregnant with her daughter Olivia in 2019, she quickly realized how few resources there were for pregnant women and guidance in exercise. This kickstarted her dive into pelvic health-a journey that has led her to now not only treating patients in the clinic herself, but also traveling the country teaching other physical therapists how to work with pregnant and postpartum women in a fitness forward mindset as well. Rachel has been an active member of the CrossFit community for 5 years, and coaches at Crossfit Overtake in addition to her hours in the clinic. Rachel is certified in dry needling, and has sought out specialized training in hands on manual therapy, breastfeeding support, as well as extensive pelvic health courses. 

Dr. Rachel best describes her approach to rehab as fitness forward-she firmly believes in helping her patients feel strong and empowered when they leave the clinic, whether it is in preparing for labor, getting ready for a CrossFit competition, chasing after their kid in the yard, or returning to intimacy with a partner. 

Dr. Kassi Rieger PT, DPT, DN-1


Dr. Kassi Rieger was raised in the DFW area, but she’s a Houstonian now. She attended PT school at Texas Woman’s University of Houston and graduated with her doctorate in 2021. She is married to her high school sweetheart who is actually a general surgery resident with UTHouston. Kassi’s interest in pelvic health PT started with hearing people normalize common dysfunctions like pain and incontinence. She discovered a whole group of people who were vastly underserved and decided she wanted to be an advocate and champion for those who are so often dismissed. Kassi has a special place in her heart for expecting and new parents and hopes to continue growing awareness that being a parent is an athletic event so let’s train for it! Dr. Kassi’s prior experiences include treating male and female pelvic health where she saw patients with pelvic pain, bowel or bladder dysfunction, and post op abdominopelvic surgeries. She is certified in Dry Needling, as well. Dr. Kassi enjoys spending time with her husband frequenting coffee shops, trying out new restaurants, and exercising! Their goal for 2023 is to try out at least 1 new restaurant a month, so send her all your recommendations! 

Dr. Eryn Housinger, PT, DPT, PCS


Dr. Eryn Housinger, PT, DPT, PCS is a Houston native, not born, but raised! She graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in Biology and then from Texas Woman's University Houston with her doctorate in physical therapy in 2012. She received her board certification as a certified pediatric specialist in 2022 and is constantly seeking high level continuing education to further improve her skill set. She has 10 years of practice experience in a variety of settings from pulmonary and critical care to inpatient rehabilitation to general developmental practice. Her passion is helping families navigate childhood from infancy through adolescence and every milestone in between. Her goal is to give every child the opportunity to grow to be their best self and be able to explore their world to the fullest. She has loved watching the Disrupt practice grow and change and is so excited to join the Disrupt family to help improve the way we see and treat children! She loves that each child is unique and can't wait to meet you and your little ones soon! We are so excited to not only offer traditional pediatric therapy but also wellness and developmental services that are in great need in the Houston area and beyond.


Rachel is an absolutely amazing physical therapist. She helped me heal and was always accommodating. She was wonderful at entertaining/distracting my son so I could actually work on my exercises!

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