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Dr. Rachel Moore PT DPT Cert-CMFA


Disrupt Physiotherapy is owned and operated by Doctor of Physical Therapy Rachel Moore. Disrupt is a cash based, out-of-network practice located in Spring, TX, within Crossfit Overtake. Disrupt Physiotherapy provides an emphasis on functional fitness for all ages, as well as pregnancy and postpartum athleticism.


Disrupt Physiotherapy is an Out of Network Provider

Do I need a referral?


As of September 1, 2019, a referral is no longer required to begin physical therapy in Texas. Following 10 business days of treatment, if continued care is needed, a referral is required at that point.

At Disrupt Physiotherapy, exceptional care is what we strive to deliver. Our goal is not to get you to return to where you were right before you were injured or developed pain, because that person got hurt.We strive to leave you stronger, healthier, and more resilient.

In a time where it is easy to find a clinic or hospital on every corner, let us show you the Disrupt Physiotherapy difference.

One on one appointments. You will never work with anyone other than YOUR physical therapist. No rehab techs. No aids. Constant supervision by a doctor of physical therapy in order to provide consistent feedback and assessment on how you are moving. We don't just want you to go through the motions-we want you moving well.

Skilled manual therapy for effective pain management, followed up with a personalized exercise routine focused on building strength and resiliency. At Disrupt Pysiotherapy, we don't just "do physical therapy" TO you. You are an active participant in your rehabilitation. Our goal is to decrease your pain and get you moving better than before.

At the end of the day, our hope is that you leave Disrupt Physiotherapy not only pain free, but able to tackle things you may not have thought possible.

So our question to you is this:

How strong will you let us get you?


Disrupt Physiotherapy is a cash based Out-Of-Network provider. We are not in network with insurances, however can provide you with a Superbill you may submit to your insurance for available out-of-network benefits. 



705 Riley Fuzzel Rd

Spring, TX 77373

Treating Hours:

By Appointment Only 

Please call or text to make appointments: