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Welcome to Our Affiliate Program: Enhance Your Gym's Value

Are you ready to take your gym's offerings to the next level? We're thrilled to introduce our Affiliate Program, designed to empower your gym and its members with expert orthopedic and pelvic floor care. Our mission is simple: to ensure YOUR members stay active and committed to YOUR gym.

Why Orthopedic and Pelvic Floor Care Matters

We understand the impact an injury can have on someone's fitness journey. It's often the tipping point that leads to missed workouts, membership pauses, or even cancellations. With our Affiliate Program, you can change that narrative.

By partnering with us, your gym can provide essential care to injured members, helping them recover faster and return to the gym stronger than ever. We'll work closely with your coaches to create customized modifications for these members, ensuring they can stay engaged and make progress despite their injuries.

Exclusive Discounts for Affiliate Gyms

As an affiliate gym, you'll unlock exclusive benefits:

  • Members of affiliate gyms: Enjoy a 10% discount on our sessions.

  • Coaches of affiliate gyms: Receive a 15% discount on our sessions.

  • Owners of affiliate gyms: Get a whopping 50% discount on our sessions.

It's our way of giving back to you for entrusting us as your first line of referral when athletes need assistance with injuries, pregnancy, postpartum care, or specific performance goals.

More Than Discounts: Value-Added Workshops and Demo Days

Our commitment to your gym goes beyond discounts. We offer either a workshop or a demo day every quarter for affiliate gyms.

Workshops: Tailored to address specific weaknesses within your gym, these workshops cover topics like overhead mobility, building low back strength, squat improvement, bracing techniques, pregnancy and postpartum fitness, and much more.

Demo Days: Imagine having a dedicated doctor of physical therapy spending two hours at your gym. They'll answer questions, conduct injury screenings, and provide recommendations for injury modifications and performance enhancements.

Ready to Join Us as an Affiliate Gym?

If you're eager to elevate your gym's offerings and strengthen your community, don't hesitate to reach out. We're excited to partner with you and contribute to the growth, resilience, and fitness of North Houston.

Contact us today to start the journey towards a stronger, fitter, and more resilient gym experience for your members!

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