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Symptom Response Chart

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Happy Thursday!

This morning, I put together a symptom response chart for my patients and clients to utilize to track their return to lifting. If you have read my blog on How to Manage an Injury (and Stay in the Gym), you know the final step of any good rehab is to reintroduce the aggravating movement. No one wants to be told they just can't squat for the rest of their lives, especially if squatting is something they love. That being said, we can't just jump back in to the percentages of weight we were doing when the injury or irritation occurred. Instead, the key is start lighter, and progressively increase the load within tissue tolerance to ensure we get tissue adaptation without chronic inflammation.

It can be tough to keep track of all the information-what was the volume of the lift? How did it feel during? After? What % of your 1RM was that? Is it time to increase the load?

I'm hoping this chart will help alleviate the stress of tracking everything by having one convenient place to jot it all down!

To download the Symptom Response Chart, check out the "downloads" tab on the website, or click here!

-Rachel Moore PT DPT

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