Guided programs for early postpartum rehabilitation

Education on body mechanics and postures during childcare to reduce incidence of musculoskeletal pain

​Providing solutions for return to exercise postpartum safely and effectively

​Rehabilitation of neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, low back, hip, pelvic pain associated with postpartum

Disrupt Physiotherapy is here for all of your pregnancy and postpartum needs. Exercise is an integral part of a healthy pregnancy, and we want to ensure you are able to stay active from the time you see the positive on the test to the time when your baby is in your arms. 




Motherhood Wellness Package $390

36 week birth prep visit:

Discuss ways to prepare for labor to minimize risk of tearing, pain management techniques, and labor positions as well as early postpartum recovery

2 week postpartum wellness check:

Learn how to begin to incorporate breathing and pelvic floor exercises into healing, discuss mechanics for daily activities including breastfeeding, lifting baby, and carrying a car seat

6 week postpartum wellness check:

What does "cleared" really mean? Learn how to begin to reintroduce exercise and intimacy postpartum