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As a fitness athlete, whether you are someone who competes regularly or someone who wants to stay moving in their Crossfit class to make sure they can pick up their grandkids easily, showing up to the gym is important. 

Choose a rehab professional who understands not only the demands of your movements, but how pivotal it is to stay active.

At Disrupt Physiotherapy we offer:





Tailored exercise programs to not only decrease pain but improve performance

Hands on manual therapy to  manage pain to improve ability to lift heavier

Video analysis of lifts to break down technique and highlight areas for growth

Personalized injury modifications to movements to ensure you keep attending the gym while you recover!


"...since seeing Rachel, my hope has been rekindled. I no longer have nerve pain and I am able to do things(pull ups, handstand push ups, push ups) I haven’t been able to do pain free in years!!"

"I went to see Rachel shortly after Murph because my bicep and low back were killing me. In just one session she had my back feeling better than it had in months and my bicep loose again."

"Rachel has helped me work through shoulder, neck, trap and lat strains and aches that seem to be a regular occurrence for this old body that has been doing CrossFit for ten plus years"


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